Welcome to the new OTG blog. Each week I will talk about different topics having to do with OTG and opera in general. Please subscribe to our blog by pushing the “subscribe to our feed” button at the bottom of the page.

We are quite excited about our new website going live; all that is left now is constantly adding content! We have been adding photo albums and events as fast as we can get this up during this busy time. Please check back often as we get things posted and organized. It has been fun looking through the photos, especially of those older productions that I was involved in. Here is an example from 2006’s Don Giovanni:

I remember watching him go through the trap from the orchestra pit – it was fun seeing both sides of the action, except for when we got smoked out by a rogue breeze! To find the photos, look for the “Photos” button on the main menu. That will take you to the gallery page, where the productions are all listed. They are in a nearly random order, as I have not figured out how to put them into chronological order yet. I’m working on it!

One of the things that OTG prides itself on is being forward-looking; we want to keep the operatic arts alive and vital, even in opera’s 5th century of existence.  We have done that in the past with OTG original works such as Arctic Magic Flute and Mozart Reimagined, as well as with giving the first productions of new operatic works such as Michel Chordas’ The Last Leaf and Gift of the Magi. This next season, we plan on giving the premiere of our first fully-fledged opera commission, Rory Stitt’s Bennu’s Birds! This has been in the works since 2008, and I for one am excited to finally have it come to the stage. We will be workshopping the piece in the fall (to workshop an opera means that we will go through it music only for an audience. This gives the composer, as well as all involved, to hear the music in context before doing a staged version.) and presenting the fully staged version in the spring. Plans are also underway for another Chordas opera premiere in the near future, this one based on the Scarlet Letter!

Please feel free to email me ideas that you might want me to talk about in the next blog – I would be happy to hear from you! [email protected]

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