This fall is a wild and crazy one in Juneau for sure! And while I’m partial to events going on at OTG, there are a number of other performances going on that show us what an arts-dedicated town this really is. Ok, just to put things in perspective, here is what I’m thinking of right off the top of my head, and apologies for forgetting any others that aren’t on this list.

Juneau Symphony – Firebird, Brahms Violin Concerto, and Candide Overture Oct 13, 14
OTG – Bennu’s Birds workshop concert performance. Oct 20, 21
one weekend off, and then JLO’s Hairspray with JDHS, Nov 2-11
which shares an opening with Perseverance’s Oklahoma!
as well as the Student symphony Nov 3
Juneau Concert Band, Nov 10 TMHS
OTG- Amalga Chamber Orchestra concert Nov 17,18

Then – King Island Christmas, Bach Society Concert, and JLO’s Holiday Pops.

Juneau’s performers will certainly be ready for a break by the holidays. Did you notice that one weekend off? yeah, that’s it. PT has Of Mice and Men running right now to great acclaim. I must say that I’m feeling the crunch and it is still September. I work regularly for Perseverance as well as the Symphony, so this coming fall with two OTG events will be one to remember, while sipping a drink on a far away sunny beach!

We are deep into rehearsals for our opera commission, Bennu, from Rory Stitt right now. Each rehearsal we are working on music that is literally only hours old. I made sure that Rory and I were set up with the same version of our preferred musical notation program. That has been very handy.

Singers have been saying that the music is fun and familiar, but without being able to put their finger on what is familiar about it. Fun AND original – a great combination. What I hear is music that is immediately accessible, without trying to be so; nothing saccharine or pandering about the music or the story at all. Come find joy in being a part of the birth of a new work – keeping opera alive and out of the museum!

Right after the workshop is over, we jump right into rehearsals for the ACO concert in November. We love bringing you great music, it is our joy. But please remember the performers of all those events I listed above, appreciate them for their dedication to music, their art, and to you.

Until next time,