Every year we try and produce at least one masterclass from a visiting artist, and this year is no exception. Last season, while Anchorage singer Nancy Caudill was in Juneau to perform the role of Jezibaba in our production of Dvorak’s Rusalka, she attained quite a following of students after her masterclass. Building on the success of that, we are very pleased to be offering a dual masterclass in both singing and Alexander Technique (AT).

Participants will learn to recognize and prevent short-sighted habits that have become harmfully exaggerated over time, such as restricted breathing or postural misalignments (like placing more weight in one foot when standing, or always carrying a load on one side).

What excites me most about this, is how we can really get a cross section of people into this class who are interested in their health.

Who should come?

  • Singers. Of course singers SHOULD come! The integration of posture into healthy singing technique is of utmost importance.  The production of a healthy singing voice is a mysterious and complicated thing. This is not just for advanced singers at all! Beginners and dabblers often come away with so much applicable information, that $5 for an auditor is ridiculously low. We aren’t doing this to make lots of money, we just want to cover our costs.
  • Instrumentalists. Relieve repetitive stress.  Breathe more effectively.
  • Anyone who participates in any form of exercise or dance.  Subtle alignment changes can prevent injuries and take performance to a whole new level.
  • Sufferers of back pain.  Learn how to recognize and prevent behaviors that cause pain.
  • Humans. Ok, I keep coming up with examples of people who could benefit from AT work. This just about covers everyone.
UAS Egan Lecture Hall

Sunday, February 17 – 2pm


Participants – $20
Auditors – $5
UAS students can audit for free!

please contact Todd at [email protected] to reserve a slot as a participant or to get more information.

Private instruction available

Nothing is better than an hour of totally focused, individual attention.

Nancy and Bud will be doing private sessions with people while in Juneau from Saturday the 16th through Tuesday the 19th. Scheduling time with Nancy can be done by contacting her directly at [email protected] or 907-602-8228. We will schedule times with Bud while he is here, and of course at the class.

Looking forward to this, and the rest of our events of the 2012/2013 season!