One question I get asked a lot is what is up with the name change from ‘Opera to Go’ to the ‘Orpheus Project’. Perhaps starting at the beginning is the best way to make it clear!

1996 – Joyce Parry Moore founded Opera to Go as an opera outreach project to take opera into the Juneau schools to cultivate interest in the art form. At this time OTG was associated with Juneau Lyric Opera. The first production was a set of opera scenes called Opéra à la carte.

Dan Wayne as Tamino in Opéra à la carte – 1996

In the meantime, Joyce wanted to do more with Opera to Go and also have full artistic control, so she began the process of creating a new 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation for OTG. In the meantime, she kept up an ever-growing schedule of events each season. The official non-profit status would not come for a few years, but that did not stop her from creating some ambitious productions, many of which toured around SE AK, as well as into Canada!

2006/2007 – Joyce’s last year as artistic director saw the most ambitious production to date – a retelling of Mozart’s Magic Flute set in the arctic. Joyce and Ryan Conarro re-imagined this musical tale, and after performances in Juneau, toured it to Anchorage, Nome, and Kotzebue! Just before this season began, the non-profit status was confirmed under the name Andiamo, which is still the non-profit name to this day.

2007/2008 – Todd’s first year as artistic director. We still toured as much as we could, but with rising costs of travel, increased workload on Juneau performers, and relative size of productions, touring became the exception rather than the rule. The “to Go” part of the name had lost some meaning.

2012/2013 – OTG resolved to expand its mission to include helping artistic groups in town produce concerts and shows. One of the first groups that we helped was Theatre at Latitude 58, a family-theater company with its large-scale production of Seussical. Work with other groups in town like Northern Lights Junior Theatre and Juneau Community Bands, and on events like Wharf Unplugged (a showcase for Juneau singer-songwriters), was taking us to a place where opera was definitely not the only thing we did. Now, having a name with “opera” in it was a bit misleading.

2014/2015 – after years of deliberating whether to change the name, and then what to change it to, the board of directors settled on Orpheus Project as the new name. It seemed to be perfect – Orpheus, the demigod whose skills as an instrumentalist and as a singer were unparalleled in myth or reality.

Our plan is for a smooth and gradual transition. For the time being our website is both and will phase out after a while, but keeping many things the same will hopefully make the transition clearer. Also our logo is the same basic design as it has been since 2011. Many thanks to Tanna Peters for both the original logo and for making a new logo with the same look for us!

See below for the two logos.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming productions!

Todd Hunt

Old OTG logo

New Orpheus Project logo