Jim had the good luck as a teenager to discover stagecraft.  It was the one thing that got him through high school.  Theater became a lasting love and rewarding career.  He earned a BA in Dramatic Literature, and an MFA in Theatre Technology from Utah State University in 1977.   His work for many years centered around stage and film production, primarily as a motion picture Art Director and Construction Coordinator.  He is a journeyman carpenter and has experienced the joy, challenges and satisfaction of home building.

Jim subsequently studied Library Science, earning his MLIS from the University of Illinois in 2001.  He has recently retired from his position as Head Librarian at the Alaska Historical Library, where incidentally he had the opportunity to work with primary documents relating to the tragedy of the Princess Sophia.

It would be difficult to overstate the pleasure Jim has derived from working with his friends in the service of this sad and beautiful story.