Sarah Campen grew up in Sitka and on Killisnoo Island.  She now migrates between Taas Daa (Lemesurier Island), Juneau, and Hawaii.  Sarah is a multi-media artist, teaching artist, and facilitator whose work explores complexities of human communication and relations between people and place. She has worked with communities across Southeast Alaska to facilitate community-based solutions to natural resource concerns. Sarah teaches dance and theater, builds collage and audio pieces, designs interactive installations, and develops civic arts projects. In spring 2018 Sarah built a web story archive as a companion to the original theater piece Aan Yátx’u Sáani: Noble People of the Land, produced by Ping Chong & Co. Sarah is a member of the Center for Performance and Civic Practice’s 2018 Catalyst Initiative Program.  Her current work the Rolodex Project// connects emerging leaders across Southeast Alaska through links digital, analog, and human.  Her installation the Rolodex Project// On Leadership will be displayed in Juneau’s Centennial Hall beginning December 2018.