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    Juneau, Alaska (October 25, 2016) – Orpheus Project is pleased to announce the commissioning of a new operatic work to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Princess Sophia to premiere in October 2018 in Juneau, Alaska. This important anniversary has inspired Orpheus Project to meld together Juneau’s rich history with its vibrant performing arts culture.

    The SS Princess Sophia (so-FYE-ah) sank in the waters of Lynn Canal, just north of Juneau, Alaska, after running aground on Vanderbilt Reef during a severe snowstorm. Roughly 350 people were onboard the ship as it departed Skagway, Alaska en route to Vancouver, British Columbia on October 23, 1918. The vessel hit the hidden rocks at 2:00am on October 24, and the Sophia and her passengers spent approximately 40 hours on Vanderbilt Reef before sinking. Numerous ships came to the aid of the Sophia while it was foundering on the rocks, but the storm proved too severe to mount a rescue effort. When the Sophia sank, it claimed every last soul on board the ship, making this the deadliest maritime disaster on the Pacific coast of North America to date. Most of the passengers were making their way south from the gold fields of the Yukon River valley, as was tradition for many at the end of the summer season, and this tragedy was a disastrous blow to an already suffering mining economy in the Yukon Territory.

    The writing of this new opera is currently underway by Fairbanks composer, Emerson Eads, and Juneau playwright, Dave Hunsaker. Orpheus Project is extremely excited to have engaged these two immensely talented artists to create this important opera. The opera will also feature William Todd Hunt as conductor and production designers, Dan Fruits and Jim Simard.

    Orpheus Project (formerly Opera to Go) has been providing meaningful musical experiences to Alaskan audiences since 1996. Our purpose is to entertain but also to expand the awareness and knowledge of our audiences. Orpheus Project is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.


    Press Contact

    Name:     Katy Giorgio

    Phone:    907-500-2484

    Email:      info@operatogo.net

    Web:       www.orpheusproject.org

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    8:00 PM


    an experience in music spanning from the medieval to now.

  • Sat
    8:00 PM

    The Amalga Chamber Orchestra in concert

    November 11 and 12

    Music of Eads, Haydn, and Schumann

  • Sat
    8:00 PMNorther Light United Church

    Saxophone Showcase 2017

    The Alaska Saxophone Choir and the Aurora Saxophone Quartet

    Saxophone Showcase is back!
    Classical saxophone ensemble music like you only get to hear once a year around here...

    The Alaska Saxophone Choir is a group of saxophonists from Juneau from middle school through adult in an ensemble that plays transcribed favorites as well as music written especially for a large saxophone ensemble.

    The Aurora Saxophone Quartet includes special guest John Moore, professional saxophonist and teacher from Kentucky. Other members include Brian Van Kirk, Todd Hunt, and David Dumesnil.

    Tickets are $10 at the door - doors open at 7:30 on Saturday, June 17.

  • Fri
    7:30 PM
    Based on a Conception of JEROME ROBBINS


    Entire Original Production Directed and Choreographed by JEROME ROBBINS

    February 25 at 7:30pm, 26 at 3:00pm
    March 3, 4 at 7:30pm

    JDHS Auditorium

    William Todd Hunt, Conductor
    Amalga Chamber Orchestra
    Hali Duran, Choreographer
    Julia O’Connor, Dialogue

  • Wed
    7:00 PM2 Marine Way, Juneau, AK 99801

    The Wharf-UNPLUGGED

    Following First Friday Festivities:

    March 1st at 7:00pm

    Hangar Ballroom


    Acoustic music event with current music and current local artists


    Cover charge of $5.00 (Tickets at the door)

    Beverages and give-a-ways

    Under 21 are welcome with guardian


    Featuring amazing artists doing both covers and original pieces.  You won’t want to miss this gathering of musical talent!


    An Opera To Go event

    Shuttles from UAS will be offered with a purchase of a ticket to bring students downtown at 4:30, 5:00, and 5:30 at the student housing drop off area. 

    Email: anne@operatogo.net with the number in your party for the shuttle

     Some of the featured acts will be:

    Virgillio Monsanto

    Stefanie Callos

    Irene Muller

    MacKenzie Merrill

  • Sun
    4:30 PM

    Announcing auditions for West Side Story

    Orpheus Project, in cooperation with Juneau Dance Theatre, announces auditions for West Side Story. We will be performing February 25, 26, March 3, 4 at Juneau Douglas High School Auditorium.

    October 23, 4:30 pm at Juneau Dance Theatre (located at 8420 Airport Blvd suite 202)

    We are looking for folks from High School age up to folks who look and/or feel like they could portray a young adult onstage.

    Everyone will sing and dance.
    Come prepared to dance a lot! Loose fitting clothing and appropriate footwear are a must.

    Singing Audition – please have a song of less than 5 minutes prepared. Choose something that will show us how you can fit into our cast.

    contact us to reserve your spot!

  • Sat
    8:00 PM

    Taku Winds

    in concert 

    Pictures at an Exhibition

    8:00pm, Saturday, April 23, 2016

    Juneau Arts and Culture Center

    Join the Taku Winds on Saturday April 23 at 8pm for an evening of wonderful wind ensemble music!

    The program features a world premiere of Juneau's own, Artemio Sandoval: Fortress of the Bears, John Williams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the timeless classic, Modest Mussorsgky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

    The Taku Winds will be led by maestro William Todd Hunt, and we will have our own Pictures at an Exhibition of artwork by local students.

    Tickets available at the JAHC, Heartside Books and at the door. $15 for adults, $5 for students 12 years old and up, under 12 will be free.


  • Fri
    7:30 PM


    The Tale of Orpheus

    by Claudio Monteverdi
    libretto by Alessandro Striggio

    February 12, 13, 7:30pm
    February 14, 3:00pm

    Thunder Mountain HS Auditorium


    William Todd Hunt, Music Director and Conductor

    Production Design and Direction - Sarah Schaefer Calvert, William Todd Hunt, and Akiko Nishijima Rotch
    Costume Design - Val Snyder

    Kathleen Wayne - La Musica (Music)
    Sumner Thompson - Orfeo
    Kathleen Wayne - Euridice
    Jill Geering Matheson - Shepherd 1
    Steven Arends - Shepherd 2
    Zebadiah Bodine - Shepherd 3
    Peter Morgan - Shepherd 4
    Wendy  Byrnes - a Messenger
    Cindee Brown-Mills - a Nymph
    Amanda Beebe - Speranza (Hope)
    Pete Morgan - Caronte (Charon)
    Rebekah Grimes - Proserpina (Proserpine)
    Pete Morgan - Plutone (Pluto)
    Jill Geering Matheson - an Infernal Spirit
    Jessica Snyder - another Infernal Spirit
    Jonathan Pollard - Shepherd and Demon

    Production Calendar

  • Sun

    Dawn Lindsay leads a workshop on baroque string technique, specifically for modern string instruments. This workshop is part of the production of Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, but is open to all players of violin, viola, 'cello, and bass. We will work with sight-readable excerpts from the opera of 1607.

    Please bring a stand if you have one. We will have some available.

    Class held at Mountainside Wellness studio - 418 Harris Street in Juneau, 4th floor (the Articorp building, between Harris and Gold Streets at 5th Street).

    This is a free class.

  • Thu

    June 20 and 21, TMHS Auditorium

    Opera to Go and The Taku Winds (formally the Juneau Wind Ensemble) present concerts and talks centering on the works of special guest David Maslanka and a number of composers from around Alaska.

    Please help support this festival! All funds given here will directly benefit the events.

  • Sat


    The Cunning Little Vixen

    Příhody lišky Bystroušky

    an opera in 3 acts by Leoš Janáček
    from a serialized novella by Rudolf Těsnohlídek
    Orchestral Reduction by William Todd Hunt

    Performed in Czech with English Supertitles

    Preview of Cunning Little Vixen in Capital City Weekly

    Review of Cunning Little Vixen in Juneau Empire

    Thunder Mountain High School Auditorium
    February 28, 7:30
    March 1, 3:00
    March 6, 7:30
    March 7, 7:30

    Run time is approximately 90 minutes. Performed without an intermission.


    Scene 1 - A Forest Glen. The forest comes alive with woodland creatures. The Forester appears and decides to take a nap among the trees. He is woken up by a frog, and then he spots a young vixen, whom he grabs to take home with him as a pet.

    Scene 2 - The Forester’s Lake Lodge. The Vixen has grown up in captivity. She has a conversation with Lapák, the Forester’s dog, about love and their inexperience with it. Pepík, the Forester’s grandson brings a friend to see (torment) the vixen, and the vixen is tied up after biting Pepík’s leg. She falls asleep and has a dream of better times. In the morning she wakes up as the rooster and his hens come in. She attempts to teach the hens about equal rights and how to stand up for themselves in an unfair world. They don’t buy it, so she kills them all and escapes.

    Scene 3 - The Badger’s Den. The vixen needs a place to stay after leaving the Forester’s lodge. She happens upon a badger’s den that she thinks would be perfect. After driving the Badger out, she sets up house.

    Scene 4 - Pásek’s Tavern. A priest, a schoolmaster, and a forester walk into a bar... While playing cards, they talk about women and people keep trying to bring up the escape of the forester’s vixen.

    Scene 5 - A Forest Path. The inebriated schoolmaster is trying to find his way home in the dark as he discovers that 3 points are much more stable than two. He mistakes the vixen he sees for the love of his life, Terynka. The priest then is seen walking down the path, speaking of lost love of many years ago. The Forester spots the vixen and attemps to shoot her while the priest and the schoolmaster run for cover.

    Scene 6 - The Forest near the Vixen’s Den. The Vixen spots a handsome young fox walking past. They strike up a conversation. The fox leaves after being quite interested in the vixen. The vixen has feelings for the fox that she has not felt before. He returns with a rabbit to eat and they become better acquainted. After retiring to the vixen’s den, she realizes that she will have a litter of cubs. The fox decided that they will get married right away and the whole forest joins in the celebration.

    Scene 7 - Edge of a Clearing in the forest. A rabbit is dead on the ground, and the forester blames the poacher Harašta for killing it. He is convinced of his innocence after learning that Harašta is going to marry Terynka, who the schoolmaster is in love with. The forester sets a trap for the vixen using the rabbit. The new family of foxes discovers the trap easily. Meanwhile, Harašta returns and is able to get what he really wanted, a new fox pelt to give to Terynka.

    Scene 8 - Outside Pásek’s Tavern. The Schoolmaster learns of Terynka’s marriage and is disconsolate. We learn from Mrs. Pásek that the priest is not happy in his new town. The forester sings of his sadness over growing old.

    Scene 9 - A Forest Glen. On his way home, the forester stops in a spot that his wife and he had visited when they were young. He reminisces fondly of the memory of happiness. A frog jumps into his lap again, just like in the first scene. He finds that it is not the same frog as before. The first frog was it’s grandfather, and this frog had been told stories about the forester from his family. This reassurance of the cycle of death leading to new life gives his heart a deep peace.

    Conductor - William Todd Hunt
    Director - William Conrow
    Choreographer - Philip Krauter
    Costume Designer - Val Snyder
    Lighting Designer - Greg Mitchell

    Members of the Amalga Chamber Orchestra


    The Vixen Sharp-Ears Kathleen Wayne
    The Forester Philippe Damerval
    The Fox Goldenback Angela Baade
    The Schoolmaster Jay Query
    The Pastor Paul Shipper
    The Forester's Wife Catherine Pashigian
    The Poacher, Harašta David Miller
    The Innkeepr, Pasek  Derrick Grimes
    The Innkeeper's Wife  Therese Thibodeau
    Pepík, Forester's grandson  Nelli Wayne
    Frantík, His friend  Katie Moritz
    Lapák, Forester's Dog  Therese Thibodeau
    The Rooster  Caitlin Portinga
    The Crested Hen Cindee Brown-Mills
    The Woodpecker  Cathy Pashigian
    The Mosquito  Derrick Grimes
    The Badger Paul Shipper
    The Owl Cindee Brown-Mills
    The Jay Jessica Snyder
    The Grasshopper Elsie Coppens
    The Little Frog  Lily Otsea
    The Young Vixen Sharp-Ears  Nelli Wayne
    Terynka, a barmaid  Katie Moritz
    Raccoon  Lily Otsea
    Hen and Bird  Jill Matheson
    Ballet Juneau Dance Theater
    The Blue Dragonfly Jillian Anderson
    Bird and Mother Fox Brimley Olliff
    Golden Pheasant Maren Parise
    Rabbit Elin Antaya
    Rabbit Megan Lujan
    Butterfly Jasmin Holst
    Wolf, Father Fox Carraig New


  • Mon


    7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 28

    2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 29

    2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 30.

    Tickets available soon!

  • Fri

    The time: 1876.

    The place: Deadwood City.

    There isn’t a man alive—save perhaps Wild Bill Hickock—who can out ride or out shoot Calamity Jane, but matters of the heart leave her hornswoggled. When a case of mistaken identity sends Calam to Chicago in search of the famous actress Adelaid Adams, all kinds of Wild West shenanigans ensue. Calamity Jane features cowboys, showgirls, and a rip-roaring musical score including “Secret Love,” “Just Blew In From The Windy City,” and “A Woman’s Touch.”

    Directed by Karen Allen

    Performance Dates in November:

    Friday the 21st at 7pm
    Saturday the 22nd at 2pm and 7pm
    Sunday the 23rd at 2pm

    Thunder Mountain High School

    Need tickets? Contact us and we'll put a cast member in touch with you. You can also get them at the door. $15 for adults; $10 for ages 2-18

  • Sun

    OTG's newest addition to our roster of performing groups is presenting a concert on October 12 at 3pm at the JACC!

    30 of some of Juneau's finest wind performers are onstage at once in this melodic and varied program featuring music that highlights different places around the world.

    The program includes:

    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Capriccio Espagnole
    Percy Grainger - Irish Tune from County Derry and Shepard's Hey
    Ralph Vaughan Williams - Folk Song Suite
    William Todd Hunt - Essay: Mountains (world premiere)

    Conducted by William Todd Hunt

    Admission is pay-as-you-can!

  • Fri
    Hangar on the Wharf Ballroom 2 Marine Way Juneau, AK 99801

    Opera to Go presents The Wharf- Unplugged again this year with the generous support of Alaskan Brewing Co.!

    Join us for March First Friday downtown for some excellent live acoustic music from local musicians!

    Before the main event, come enjoy some suds at the Alaska Brewing Company Depot at 219 S. Franklin Street during First Friday festivities. Sit back and enjoy sweet tunes by Mackenzie Merrill and The Wool Pullers!

    Following that, take a short stroll down to the Hangar Ballroom for The Wharf-Unplugged! Help support Opera to Go with a $5 cover charge. Doors open at 6:30pm, music starts at 7pm. Those under 21 will be admitted if accompanied by a guardian.

    Due to perform:

    Mackenzie Merrill
    JD Miller
    The Quaintrelles
    Annie Bartholomew
    The Shiver Twins

    See you there!

  • Sat
    5:30 PMJuneau Douglas High School Auditorium


    an opera for children and adults
    Music and Libretto – Rory Merritt Stitt

    commissioned by Opera to Go
    William Todd Hunt, Artistic Director

    OTG continues its tradition of bringing new and innovative works to the stage in Juneau and the surrounding region. One of the most important things we can do as a thriving company is to reinvigorate the repertoire with new works to continue the thread of contemporary relevance that stretches back hundreds of years to 1600's Italy.

    The new opera Bennu concerns the young Bennu, a child whose voice is not understood by anyone, but obviously has beautiful things to say. He goes in search of where he fits into his world and learns some hard lessons before finding who he truly is. A tale of self-discovery we all go through, but in operatic proportions – made for children and adults alike.

    Runs February 22 through March 1 at Juneau Douglas High School Auditorium

    Saturday February 22: 5:30pm & 7:30pm
    Friday February 28: 7:30pm
    Saturday March 1: 5:30pm & 7:30pm

    Conductor - William Todd Hunt
    Stage Director - Brandon Demery
    Scenic and Costume Designer - Paul Spadone
    Lighting Designer - Bill Conrow

    Opera to Go Chorus
    Amalga Chamber Orchestra

    Bennu - Aaron Abella
    Princess - Gin Anderson
    King - Jay Query
    Queen - Lisa Ray
    Sir Malais - Brett Crawford
    Mother - Therese Thibodeau
    Father - Wade Rogers
    Sister - Anne Weske
    Brother - Gillian Smith
    Matriarch - Catherine Pashigian
    Bird - Rebekah Grimes

    Villagers, Guards, and Retainers:

    Katie Moritz
    Janet Schempf
    Anne Weske
    Therese Thibodeau
    Lisa Ray
    Catherine Pashigian
    Lorie Daniels
    Jessica Snyder
    Gillian Smith
    Brett Crawford
    Jay Query
    Jonathan Pollard
    Wade Rogers
    Trevor Daniels
    Leina Tillotson

    Click here to hear the news spot from the workshop last year!

  • Sat
    8:00 PMNorthern Light United Church 400 West 11th street Juneau, AK 99801

    The Amalga Chamber Orchestra

    William Todd Hunt, Conducting

    Étienne Nicolas Méhul- Symphony no. 1

    Ralph Vaughn Williams - The Lark Ascending - Lisa Ibias, violin

    Tyree Pini - New Work for Electric Cello and Orchestra - Karl Knapp, electric cello

    Ottorino Respighi - Suite number 1 from Ancient Airs and Dances

    November 23, 8pm

    November 24, 3pm

    Northern Light United Church

    10th Anniversary Concert! Back in 2003 we gave our first concert featuring the music of Vaughan Williams, Schubert, Leopold Mozart, and Handel. Read about that first concert here in the Juneau Empire.

    The 2013 concert of the Amalga Chamber Orchestra promises, as always, to be a unique musical experience! The four pieces on our program feature a huge range of styles and sounds, from early romantic French composer Nicolas Méhul who has lived in the shadow of Beethoven for far too long! His first symphony is dramatic and intriguing - quite comparable to the much more famous Beethoven symphony number 5.

    Ottorino Respighi may be better known for his triptych of Roman tone-poem cycles for huge orchestra, but he was also a devotee of the music of the early baroque and renaissance. His Ancient Airs and Dances for chamber ensemble is a four movement work based on lute music of the 16th century, and was written with a small orchestra in mind.

    Ralph Vaughan Williams is a well-loved composer, mostly because his music is unfailingly beautiful and melodic. His piece for solo violin and orchestra, “The Lark Ascending” is no exception – its soaring folk-song-like melodies are gentle and caressing. Lisa Ibias is our guest soloist who plays it beautifully.

    We are proud to be able to say that the past 3 years of Amalga Chamber Orchestra concerts have featured a brand new, commissioned work. This year Tyree Pini is writing a concerto for Electric Cello and orchestra.  We are very excited to explore the new sound possibilities, coupled with the warmth and breadth of range that the cello is loved for. University of Alaska Fairbanks professor and champion of new music Karl Knapp is our soloist.


    Ticket prices:

    General - $18 advance/$20 at the door
    Seniors - $13 advance/$15 at the door
    Students – always $5 tickets!

  • Fri
    7:00 PM3101 Riverside Dr. Juneau, AK 99801

    Seussical the Musical

    We are very happy to announce an artistic collaboration between Opera to Go and Theater at Latitude 58.

    We are approaching show time for Seussical the Musical! The production has been a collaborative effort between Theater at Latitude 58 and Opera to Go. Seussical the Musical is a very funny, very musical production based on the works of, obviously, Dr. Seuss! It is going to be a great show for both young and old! Theater at Latitude 58 is a company that features both children and adults in one combined cast. Opera to Go has been collaborating with them on the music for this show, as it is brimming from start to finish with a wonderful repertoire of musical numbers. OTG board member Rebekah Grimes has been doing vocal direction; the musical will feature an orchestra, with OTG musicians including pianist Doug Smith, conducted by Amy Bibb.

    Show times are:

    Friday November 22 7pm
    Saturday November 23 2pm and 7pm
    Sunday November 24 2pm and 7pm

    Tickets are available at Hearthside or at the door.

    Performances are November 22-24 at Thunder Mountain High School Auditorium

  • Sat

    Conducting Masterclass with OTG Artistic Director William Todd Hunt

    The class will be divided into two sessions, the first with piano, and the second with instrumentalists.

    Session 1 - November 2nd 1pm
    Session 2 - November 9th 1pm

    Both sessions will be at Northern Light United Church  - 400 W. 11th Street

    Repertoire to be chosen from:

    Mozart Symphonies 35, 38, and 40
    Beethoven Symphonies 1, 2, and 5

    There will be a limited number of participants. Please email todd@operatogo.net to express your interest.

  • Sun
    3:00 PM

    OTG is proud to announce a masterclass by Juneau favorite Mark Kratz! We will have space for 8 participants and practically unlimited auditors. Please email todd@operatogo.net to secure your participant slot.

    Class will be at 3pm at Holy Trinity Church downtown at 4th and Gold Street. $30 participants, $10 auditors, and $5 student auditors.

    Mark Andrew Kratz (tenor), was recently featured as the soloist for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' annual Messiah Sing A Long accompanied by the National Opera Orchestra. He also played the role of Don Jose in Bizet's Carmen with Cinnabar Theater this June.

    He is a 2006 graduate of the Tri-Cities Opera young artist training program and a 2003 young artist for the Tacoma Opera. He holds a Master's degree in Opera from Binghamton University and a Bachelor's degree in vocal performance from the Eastman School of Music.

    His roles include Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni (Cinnabar Theater, Pocket Opera), Flavio in Norma (Pocket Opera), The Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Capital Playhouse, Juneau Lyric Opera), Tamino in Die Zauberflöte(Tri-Cities Opera, Juneau Opera to Go!), Yamadori in Madame Butterfly (Tri-Cities Opera), Arturo in Lucia di Lammermoor (Tri-Cities Opera.)

    Kratz's other performances include Mozart's Requiem and Beethoven's 9th Symphony (Northeast Philharmonic), Britten's Serenade for tenor and horn (Eastman School of Music), Schubert's Mass in E-flat (Eastman-Rochester Chorale), Bach's Magnificat (Binghamton University), and Mendelssohn's Die Erste Waldpurgisnacht (Binghamton University). He is also the youngest person to have sung at the Newport Music Festival (RI).

    Kratz will be playing the role of Alfredo in Juneau Lyric Opera's production of La Traviata this fall and will be the tenor soloist for Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic in early 2014.

  • Sun
    2:00 PMRockwell 109 S. Franklin St. Juneau, AK 99801

    Local Opera singers in concert: newcomers as well as tried and true talent!

    Rockwell Ballroom

    109 S. Franklin St.

    June 2, 2013 at 2pm

    You can get tickets at the JAHC, Hearthside Books, Rainy Retreat, online, or at the door.

    $25 general/ $20 senior/ $10 student

    Singers include

    Rebekah Grimes, Jay Query, Dan Wayne, Kathleen Wayne, Anne Weske, Apryle McVey, Cathy Pashigian, Laurie Soderstrom, Missouri Smyth, Lisa Ray, Aaron Abella, and Wendy Byrnes.

    The concert will also feature a debut from Juneau newcomer, Sara Radke Brown.

    To request a slot for singing in Opera Spotlight 2012, please send an email to todd@operatogo.net

  • Sun
    2:00 PMEgan Lecture Hall, UAS Juneau Campus

    Not Just For Singers!

    OTG is sponsoring a dual masterclass in voice and Alexander Technique Sunday, February 17 at 2pm - Egan Lecture Hall on the UAS campus. This class is open to, and can benefit everyone. There will be sessions with both singing and AT (Alexander Technique), sessions with singing alone, as well as sessions with AT by itself.

    Nancy Caudill, voice teacher - Currently residing in Anchorage, Nancy was last seen in Juneau in our production of Rusalka as Jezibaba the Witch. She is coming back by popular demand to offer a masterclass as well as private lessons between Saturday the 16 and Tuesday the 19th.

    Accompanying Ms. Caudill, Bud Jahn, is an advanced student of the Alexander Alliance SW school.

    The Alexander Technique is used to help people locate areas of tension in their bodies which can affect and inhibit  their overall use.  Used in conjunction during an activity, singing for example, positive changes are generally obtained.

    Private Voice Instruction

    Nancy will also be teaching privately while in Juneau from Saturday the 16th, through Tuesday the 19th. Please contact her directly to register for a teaching slot.


    907- 602 - 8228

    Mr. Jahn has recently been working with Dr. Mari Hahn's UAA Masters Class and Opera Ensemble, the Anchorage Opera Chorus and at the Studios of Ms. Caudill and Dr. Hahn.

    Participants - $20 (limited number of participants possible)

    Auditors - $5

    UAS students audit for free!

    Please send a note to todd@operatogo.net to inquire about being a participant.

  • Sat
    8:00 PMJuneau, AK

    Juneau's beloved Amalga Chamber Orchestra in concert!

    This concert will feature the resident orchestra of OTG, Amalga Chamber Orchestra. Program to include Mozart's symphony number 38, an excerpt from Rory Stitt's new opera, Bennu's Birds, as well as the ultra-famous Unfinished symphony of Schubert!* Our featured soloist is Juneau favorite, Sally Schlichting, performing the Poem for Flute and Orchestra by Charles Griffes - a wonderfully beautiful and varied piece that, to me, evokes luminous cloud formation and undulating landscapes.

    We hope that the intimate setting of the sanctuary of Northern Light Church will add to the excitement of hearing great orchestral music live.


    Wolfgang Amadé Mozart - Symphony no. 38 "Prague"

    Charles Griffes - Poem for Flute and Orchestra - Sally Schlichting, Flute

    Franz Schubert - Symphony no. 7* "Unfinished"

    Rory Merritt Stitt - The Princess's Aria, Is anybody here? from Bennu's Birds. Premiere Performance!
    Kathleen Wayne, soprano

    Conducted By William Todd Hunt

    November 17, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
    November 18, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

    Northern Light United Church 

    400 West 11th Street, Downtown Juneau

    $15 General, $13 Senior, $5 Student

    * Due to inconsistencies in our numbering system of Schubert's symphonies, the Unfinished Symphony is often referred to as number 8, but in modern usage, it tends to be number 7.

    Sallyphoto © Marilyn Holmes 2012
  • Sat
    7:30 PMNorthern Light United Church 400 West 11th Street Juneau, AK 99801

    Music and Libretto - Rory Merritt Stitt

    commissioned by Opera to Go
    William Todd Hunt, Artistic Director

    Come get a first glimpse of what has been cooking behind the scenes at OTG for the last couple of years. Rory has been working hard on coming up with a story, crafting a libretto, and of course writing the music!

    This "workshop" performance is really a workshop for the composer/librettist, where the singers, instrumentalists, and even the audience are able to give opinions that will help shape the final version of the work, to be produced this coming spring. Come be a part of the excitement of this singular experience.

    Bennu's Birds concerns the young Bennu, a child whose voice is not understood by anyone, but obviously has beautiful things to say. He goes in search of where he fits into his world and learns some hard lessons before finding who he truly is. A tale of self-discovery we all go through, but in operatic proportions - made for children and adults alike.


    October 20, 2012 @ 7:30 pm

    October 21, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

    at Northern Light United Church


    Bennu Jonas Decena*
    Mother Lisa Ray
    Father Wade Rogers
    Arnie Laurie Soderstrom
    Corbil Dan Wayne
    Matriarch Cathy Pashigian
    Princess Destiny Kathleen Wayne
    Sir Malais Brett Crawford
    King of the Bone Castle Jay Query
    Queen of the Bone Castle Lisa Ray
    Retainers and Guards Laurie Soderstrom
    Rebekah Grimes
    Cathy Pashigian
    Jill Matheson
    Jonathan Pollard
    The Bird Rebekah Grimes
     * OTG debut performance

    $15 general, $13 senior, $5 student

  • Sun
    3:00 PMHangar on the Wharf Ballroom 2 Marine Way #106 Juneau, AK 99801

    Join us in this intimate setting, have your first drink on us, and munch of hors d'oeuvres as you sit back and enjoy your favorite arias and art songs.

    We will hear works from composers such as Mozart, Bernstein, Offenbach, and Romberg, sung by a wonderfully diverse group of singers that includes favorites such as Philippe Damerval, Cathy Pashigian, and Rebekah Grimes and folks who are getting more and more exposure like Laurie Soderstrom, Sandy Fortier, Megan Wright, Apryle McVey, and Dawn Wehe. Another local favorite, Rosie Humphry will be our pianist for this event. Your attendance is a lovely way to support the opera and your friends and neighbors who sing!

  • Sat
    7:30 PMThunder Mountian High School Auditorium


    Lyric Fairy Tale in Three Acts

    Antonín Dvořák

    libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil

    based on the fairy tales of Karel Jaromír Erben and Božena Nemcová

    Orchestra reduction by Iain Farrington

    Singing English translation by Jeff Clarke

    William Todd Hunt
    Stage Director
    Emily Smith
    Scenic Designer
    Tanna Peters *
    Lighting Designer
    Joe Quarto *
    Costume Designer
    Valerie Snyder
    Puppet Designer
    Kathleen Harper *
    Janice Hurley
    Opera to Go Chamber Chorus
    Kathleen Wayne
    Jay Query
    Ježibaba, a witch
    Nancy Caudill *
    Vodník, the Water-Goblin
    Philippe Damerval
    Foreign Princess
    Scarlett Adam *
    3 Dryads
    Eve Dillingham
    Scarlett Adam *
    Lisa Ray *
    Derrick Grimes *
    Turnspit, Kitchen boy
    Anne Weske *
    * denontes OTG debut artist